Why Settle for Less?

Fierce New York Criminal Defense Lawyer

Not every case can be settled. The reality is that sometimes a fair and just result is not offered, no matter which attorney you hire. That is why you need to hire an attorney that has the trial skills and trial experience to protect you if negotiations fail.

Richard Southard uses his years of sales and sales management experience to negotiate favorable plea bargains and large cash settlements for his clients. He recognizes that sometimes the result a client wants may never be offered. That is why Richard Southard prides himself on building a successful trial strategy from the day of each client’s initial consultation. This includes aggressive investigation and up to the minute legal research to insure a successful result.

Believe it or not, some so-called “trial” attorneys have never tried a case. In fact, some attorneys will do whatever it takes to avoid having to go to trial. The danger is that their clients are pressured to take a plea that they don’t want or forced to accept cash settlements that are less than they deserve. At the Law Office of Richard Southard, the decision of when or if to settle a case rests solely with the client. It is a lawyer’s role to advise the client on the strengths and weaknesses of the evidence, explain the laws of New York in terms they can understand, and to point out the advantages and disadvantages of settling. Prosecutors and insurance companies know which attorneys are afraid to try a case and they make their settlement offers accordingly.

Why settle for an attorney who can only settle cases? Trust an attorney that starts developing your trial strategy from the very first consultation.