Arrested for Robbery?

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Robbery is defined as stealing of another's property or money and is committed when someone is threatened with immediate physical force. Depending on the factors involved, such as the amount stolen, prior convictions, who the victim was, use of a weapon, and any injuries that may have resulted, your charges could result in numerous years behind bars and expensive fines.

Due to the serious nature of a robbery charge, you need a reputable and experienced New York defense lawyer on your side right away. Attorney Richard Southard has nearly two decades of legal experience and earned a perfect 10.0 "Superb" score from Avvo, so look to his firm for your defense.

Avoid a Robbery Conviction

Third degree robbery is considered a felony. Robbery charges can increase in severity, making it even more crucial for you to obtain a defense team and avoid conviction.

Felony second degree robbery occurs when:

  • Property is stolen by means of force
  • The robber was aided by an accomplice
  • At some point during the robbery, the convicted injured another or displayed a gun
  • The stolen property was a motor vehicle

Second degree robbery is a violent felony and carries between 3 and a half and 15 years of imprisonment.

First degree robbery occurs when someone is seriously injured, a person is armed with a deadly weapon, and they choose to display this weapon. As a violent felony, this charge carries up to 25 years in prison.

Take Action Against Your Charges

If you were arrested for robbery in New York City, it is important to contact an attorney as soon as you can. An attorney from the Law Office of Richard Southard's award-winning firm can hear your case and build a defense to challenge the prosecution. Attorney Richard Southard can aggressively argue to protect your good name and your freedom.

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