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Carjacking is the criminal theft of an automobile by force, intimidation, or violence and is considered a violent crime. It is classified as a felony and penalties depend upon several factors. No matter the details of your charges, the Law Office of Richard Southard can hear your case and provide you with quality legal advice.

Consequences for Carjacking

As a violent crime, carjacking can carry serious penalties and repercussions depending on the severity of the crime.

The consequences for carjacking crimes include the following:

  • If no weapon or injuries involved, the charge can carry up to 7 years in prison.
  • If any injury is sustained and a deadly weapon is involved in the crime, it can carry up to 15 years in jail.
  • Carjacking with the use of a deadly weapon resulting in serious bodily injury to the victim carries up to 25 years in jail.

The more you understand the severity of penalties you are facing, the better your defense will be.

Building a Tough Defense

New York theft crime Attorney Richard Southard can work with you to construct the best defense for your case. He takes time to formulate a personalized plan to fight your carjacking charges.

Some of the more common defenses in motor vehicle theft include:

  • Having the automobile owner's consent to operate their property
  • Mistakenly taking a car you believed to be yours or one you mistakenly thought you were allowed to take
  • If you can prove you intended to use the car and later return it, you can be charged with the lesser charge of joyriding

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