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What is possession?

In New York law, if you are found with illegal substances on your person, you can be charged with drug possession. This is one of the most common drug charges, and is challenging in that the prosecution does not have to prove that you were using the drug. Additionally, you can be charged if you were found in possession of objects and paraphernalia associated with drug use.

In order to be convicted of drug possession, the prosecution must prove that:

  • You possessed the controlled substance with full knowledge and intention
  • You did not have a valid prescription
  • The amount was sufficient for personal use or distribution

These factors, however, allow for a number of defensive strategies. For example, one of the most common defenses against drug possession charges is simply that you did not know about the drugs. If the controlled substance was found in your apartment, but they belonged to your roommate and you were unaware of their existence, you cannot be convicted of possession.

Another possible strategy is the concept of diversion, which may allow you to keep your record clean by completing a treatment program for substance abuse. This option is available to first-time offenders who plead guilty; if no other offense is committed within the diversion period, the guilty plea may be vacated and the case dismissed.

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