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Prior to opening a private practice, our lead attorney, Richard Southard, served as a former Brooklyn prosecutor. In his time serving in one of the nation's largest and busiest prosecutor's offices, Attorney Southard never lost a case. Today, he uses his extensive experience and knowledge of the other side to provide clients with aggressive, tenacious, and unrelenting defense representation.

If you have been accused of, arrested for, or charged with domestic violence anywhere in the five boroughs, speak with our New York criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. You could be facing serious penalties, and we stand ready to protect your rights. We have been defending men and women from all walks of life for years and can bring the same level of advocacy to your case.

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Recent Legislation Regarding Domestic Violence

Attorney Richard Southard stays current and up to date on all laws, regulations, and statutes that may have an impact on clients' cases. In fact, as of March 2014, the Supreme Court issued a new interpretation of federal law that will make it a crime to own or possess weapons in New York for individuals who have been convicted of domestic violence. Additionally, the Supreme Court also ruled that domestic violence may be extended to include minor acts of violence, some of which you may not even know are characterized as violent acts against a family member. Everyone is prone to human error making momentary mistakes that they may regret. When you are not even aware of your own rights, you could be in danger of prosecution without realizing it.

According to NYS Section 60.12, domestic violence is defined as:

  • Repeated or habitual use of coercion
  • Physical, psychological, sexual, economic, or emotional abuse
  • Any form of abuse against an adult partner of intimate relation
  • Any form of abuse used to establish control or power over the victim

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Few things are more overwhelming than being accused of acting violently against a spouse, partner, or another family member. If you have been arrested for domestic violence, your immediate actions could have a significant and lasting impact on your future. Without the right attorney on your side, a protective order could be issued against you, making it impossible to see, contact, or have custody of your children. Hire one of New York's top criminal defense attorneys to fight for you. Retain the Law Office of Richard Southard now.

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