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Facing Assault Charges?

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So much is at stake in a case involving violent crimes, including your family, your finances, your future, and even your Second Amendment right to possess a firearm. We understand that some of your most precious freedoms are at risk and we are ready to begin investigating every avenue to create a defense strategy and help you receive the best possible outcome.

Attorney Southard is:

  • A Former Undefeated Brooklyn Prosecutor Now Putting His Skill to Work for Your Freedom
  • A Sought-after Legal Consultant for Media Outlets and Professionals
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  • A Skilled Trial Lawyer with Nearly 20 Years of Experience
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As a former Brooklyn prosecutor with an undefeated record, Attorney Richard Southard prosecuted various violent crimes, including homicide, rape, robbery, and felony assault. We know how prosecutors will handle your case. We work hard through every stage of developing your defense so that you can put this experience behind you.

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You Can't Afford the Cost of Conviction

No one can afford to spend years paying for a penalty that can cost you your entire life. If you choose to forgo your right to retain a skilled criminal defense attorney in New York, you could be facing substantial consequences.

In the state of New York, assault is defined under Article 20 of the New York Penal Law, even a misdemeanor assault conviction could result in the following:

  • Imprisonment not exceeding 1 year
  • Fines up to $1,000
  • Payment of restitution to victims
  • A permanent criminal record

Without the right defense attorney in your corner, you could end up spending years paying for a crime that could have been a mistake, a false accusation, or a momentary lapse in good judgment. Those years paying for a conviction will be time spent that you can never get back. Our firm can fight for your freedoms, rights, and interests. We know what is at stake and can uncover any evidence that can allow the balance of justice to shift in your favor.

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Your actions immediately after an arrest for any type of assault can prove to be the most influential on the future outcome of your case. By calling our New York criminal defense attorney and retaining our skilled defense lawyer, you can aggressively and relentlessly pursue the best possible case result.

When you retain the Law Office of Richard Southard, you will have the benefit of working with one of New York's top criminal defense law firms. This means you can have access to professional investigators, a team of experts, and the insider knowledge of a former prosecutor on your side

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