Attorney Southard Comments on Weinstein Case

Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein has been accused of sexual assault from countless women in the entertainment industry, and more and more actresses are speaking out about his alleged actions. While there is overwhelming evidence regarding these accusations, Weinstein is still being held to a unique standard in terms of the law. Intent has not yet been established, according to deputy Karen Friedman Agnifilo. However, we believe this is simply laughable as sex crime arrests are common with far less evidence than that of which is presented to Weinstein.

Our very own Attorney Richard Southard was asked to comment regarding this shocking unfolding of events, and commented to the New York Daily News: “I think it’s completely hypocritical that they say that they can't infer intent when someone's a millionaire but when it's an average person they have no problem inferring intent and putting it in motion papers.” Our legal team is of the belief that it is absolutely troubling a member of the Hollywood elite is able to avoid these consequences so comfortably, while the average person is quickly thrown into jail and has all of their freedoms stripped in an instant.

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