Defending Clients Against Their DWI/DUI Charges in NY

For those facing charges for driving while intoxicated (DWI) in New York, it is important to remember that just because you are facing accusations does not mean you are guilty. Whether due to police misconduct or a procedural mistake, your charges may be lifted or significantly reduced. Let us explain to you the various strategies that we can utilize on your behalf.

Basic Questions to Consider

When we investigate our clients DWI cases, we typically look to answer the following questions first before moving forward with a plan of action:

  1. Was the blood alcohol content (BAC) testing device calibrated correctly and clean?
  2. Was there enough probable cause to constitute an officer pulling you over in the first place?
  3. Did the office remind you of our Miranda Rights and give you chance to call a lawyer?
  4. Is there any reason to believe that any samples collected during a blood or urine test were tampered with in any way? Were they properly handled while being process in the lab?

Once we look into the answers to these questions, we can typically use the information we find to build a strong defense. Attorney Southard is adept at knowing what questions to ask and how to apply his findings towards an effective case strategy. No matter how complex your DWI/DUI charges, our New York criminal defense attorney serves all five boroughs with tenacity.

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